Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rewind: what we wore

Because my blogging skills are, lets say, lacking.  I am going to attempt to go back and blog about different things that I have done and experienced while away!

Back in May we had our Sankofa fashion show here in Liberia. And as you know it was a big hit! But I am not going to talk about how successful it was, how amazing Korto Momolu’s designs were, or even how the message of transformations was shared to hundreds of Liberians.

I am going to talk about what I wore! Not only what I wore, but what my fellow Creative Director, Stephanie, and the Director of Amani, Becky, wore!

You may have already guessed it but we all wore something that was designed and created by me while I was here.

Stephanie wore an awesome hot pink pencil skirt that I designed. The fabric is beautiful woven Nigerian fabric. She pared it with a fun floral print top she had and some great gold heels! Who said you couldn’t rock some fabulous high heels in the middle of the Jungle!

Becky looked stunning as usually in my asymmetrical dress made from all African fabric. She really can pull anything off, she has an amazing wardrobe full of beautiful African textiles, this dress just adds to it.

I wore a dress I designed that used a few variations of tye-and-dyed fabrics, along with a very African like textile that I purchased years ago at a yard sale. I am so glad I held on to it for so long. It was the perfect piece I needed to complete my design.

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  1. i didn't know you made those! how nice, i don't know where you found the time. oh yes i do, the night before?