Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh Monrovia

This past week we drove down from Yekepa to Monrovia, a bumpy 6 hour drive.

road to monrovia
Top Left is Firestone rubber trees…I didn’t know rubber came from trees
signs on road
The sites, the smells the noise of Monrovia is all her own. The streets are plastered with election campaigns, and are alive with the everyday commotion.


We spent long days in town shopping. We went shopping for Lapa, materials for the building, and followed up on previous orders. I meet with an aluminum company and ordered furniture I designed. And much much more…

The rain held up long enough to allow a ‘dry’ experience, and a few nice walks along the beach.


It was a very successful trip, we were in and out almost everywhere we went. (Which is unusual here.) I had a great time but was ready to go back to the peacefulness of Yekepa, where I hope to stay put until I leave the beautiful country of Liberia!


  1. great photos! i remember when we first learned you were taking that trip to Ykepa and it seemed so scary! not so scary anymore, what a blessing, mom

  2. I love that picture of your footprint... look at the BIG toe! hehe

    And rubber comes from trees?? Like from the bark? Crazy!