Monday, September 19, 2011

Monkey Business

When I was four years old I asked Santa for a monkey. And what Santa brought me was not the monkey I wanted, it was one that was stuffed. Even though I loved that stuffed monkey like no other I was extremely disappointed that I did not get the pet monkey I dreamed about…

My collection of Monkeys from my childhood, I counted 16!
Until now! Meet Monkey


 I am watching her for a little bit while her owner is in Kenya. She is the cutest, funniest, sweetest monkey ever. And look at her poor eye, If you know me at all you know I have a big soft spot for animals who are what I like to call ‘special’. She makes me so happy! I love this little girl, she goes on walks with me, she sits on my lap when I am working on a project, she steals the crackers out of my hand, she loves to be groomed, she eats all the bugs that are flying around…


Liberia123 047

Liberia123 026


I can’t get enough of Monkey!


Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer for a Monkey!

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  1. Mom & I were talking about the garage fire the other day and I was saying how I can remember being so afraid that the house would catch on fire. But only because you had pulled out all of your monkeys and put them along the back of the couch and I knew that if the house caught fire the living room would be gone first... and all of your pets. I still can't believe you finally got your dream monkey!!!