Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miss Boss Lady


One of my jobs here in Liberia is to oversee the construction of the Amani building. If you know me at all you know that this is a big joke. I know nothing about construction, and to add to the fact I really know none of the terminology used on the work site; I have a hard time understanding and communicating with the Liberians. I haven’t fully mastered my Liberian English. “Wait small” I will get the hang of it soon! But regardless of my knowledge I have been entrusted with this job, really I just make sure things are moving as planned and check on the work site every few days, answering any questions needed. Now when I go to the building I am referred to as ‘Miss Boss Lady,’ whether I like it or not.

I thank God we have a wonderful team of men working on the building and some great leaders who have stepped up to make sure things are moving along fine, and can answer all the questions I don’t know.

The Amani building was the old Arts and Crafts site before it was destroyed in the war. What was the skeleton of this building is now becoming the new home of Amani Liberia. The restoration of the building is exciting as well as challenging. I really enjoy designing all the cabinetry and furnishing for the building, which will be made in Monrovia. Designing what the front of the building will looks like, including an intricate iron work for the front door (which I will be eager to share when that is completed). Ordering all of the machines, tools and much more.

I don’t know when the estimate time of completion for the building will be. Well, because here 2 weeks usually turns into 1 month. TIA (This is Africa) But I will keep you updated on the progress!

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  1. Is that tile-work staying on those columns or is it new??? I really like that a lot Miss BossYYY Lady.