Friday, September 16, 2011

Designing for Amani

Designing for Amani is bringing me so much joy. I have designed some great pieces for Amani Kenya, But the abundance of extraordinary West African fabric is really inspiring me here in Liberia. Amani Liberia will be focusing mainly on clothing production, which I couldn’t be more excited about. So a part of what I have been working on is designing, pattern drafting, sizing, and training on different designs for Amani Liberia. My goal is to have 6 new designs in production by the time I leave.

This past week I introduced a new dress:



What do you think?

I am excited to see this in the production. The women say it is “Fine!” This is a big complement!

AmaniLiberia 004

I just so happened to make this in my size, which means it will probably end up in my suitcase. I am thinking I want to wear it to my sister’s baby shower. Which is another thing that I couldn’t be more excited about! Being an Auntie!!!


  1. Well, that figures, you know what you're wearing to my shower before I do!! So maybe you should design a maternity dress :)

    I love this one though!!! Bring it home!

  2. Hannah: My daughter Valerie Figueroa introduced me to your blog. These designs are SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I also think it's wonderful to see your passion in this ministry God has blessed you with. I am also a missionary (at heart), have only been to Central America, but have many programs I (and our nonprofit, Arms of Love World Ministries) support in Africa. God Bless you, keep up this wonderful ministry/design.

    Dee Figueroa