Thursday, October 11, 2012


 I’m walking home from Amani and I look up and see a rainbow that is so perfectly weaving through the Mount Nimba landscape. After a long day of work, better yet, a long month of triumphing over many challenges this rainbow brought joy and hope.

This rainbow signifies many things to me. They appear after a storm as a promise of hope or as a Liberian explained, “it will soon be dry season.” Which for them is a great thing, it means its going to get hotter and dryer. The winter coats they wear in 70 degree weather will be put away! I am hopeful that it will allow us to fix our roof that seems to have a new leak whenever a storm comes through!!

Secondly, I saw it as Gods reminder of His Love for us, and the promise of God in His Word. He paints the world with limitless amount of color, and just when we get use to our world, our town, our lives He paints streaks of color across the sky as a reminder of His beauty and greatness. It’s a reminder of how much detail and uniqueness He puts in everything, everything He created, including us, and His will on our lives. It reminds me that He has made us all fearfully and wonderfully, and the same rainbows He sends here are the same rainbows He sends back home, we are all connected, even with oceans separating us.  

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  1. I love this post and that picture. Now every time I see a rainbow I will think of that... they are the same He sends back home.

    Love you.