Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're in!

The Amani members are filled with thanksgiving as we are all moved into our building. We are still waiting on furnishing, electricity and other small details but we are able to start production in our newly renovated building!

Here are some photos to show the progress of Amani:

Amani Liberia Building May 2011

While the renovation of the Amani building was taking place the Amani members worked hard on our back porches, enjoyed devotions inside, and patiently worked through the hot days and thunder storms.

Many hours went into the renovation of the building. The workers were very grateful for the job and I really enjoyed working with them all. They did an amazing work!

We moved into our building on April 23rd!!

Here is the Amani Liberia Team. We are all so excited to be in our building! We thank God for his faithfulness and give him the glory!

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  1. How amazing! The building turned out beautifully. Excited to hear of the wonderful work that will be done inside.