Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Runway & More.

A month later and I am finally posting more photos from the fashion show!

Here are some of my latest designs, didn't Captured by Robyn. Lee do a great job?


There are some designs missing. I will post the shots that Robyn took out side soon. I am in love with them all:


Below are the designs from Amani Ya Juu. Some of which I designed while I was in Kenya, other I helped with patterning. Aren't they fantastic, the women at Amani are so talented! The fabric is amazing as well! I have some great news about my return move and other news about Amani...I will share soon!

Amani Ya Juu

Amani Ya Juu

The finale parade...and me dragging my model and giving an awkward nervous smile…Oh man how I love being in front of people!



I was so blessed to have Catherine who I meet at Amani Ya Juu in Kenya speak at my fashion show. She moved to California with her husband about a month before the fashion show. She is literally 15 minutes away from me now...The world is so small!


My beautiful mother selling Amani Ya Juu items.


And of course my sister (who was such an amazing help during the whole fashion show... thanks Ash!) is shopping Corrina's "Dirty Sweet Vintage"



  1. Wow! So amazing. You are super talented. :)

  2. Don't let me forget... I want these pictures so I can print some of them for my photo albums, k?! I just printed all of the ones from the 20s shoot. I was too lazy to go through them, so I printed them all haha.

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Can't wait to hear this Kenya update!