Monday, September 27, 2010

That's a Beauiful Dress.

I am pretty sure that I have completely driven everyone around me crazy…I have had so many sewing projects lately (I am loving it, everyone else…not so much) First it was the fashion show, 12 looks in three weeks, I think that is one of my records. Now it’s onto a wedding dress, and do I dare say a hot pink and lime green homecoming dress (got to love high school girls!)

First thing you should know about me is that I am a procrastinator when it come to projects. I believe that true inspiration comes at the last second… Some of my best designs are when I have a little bit of time, a little bit a fabric and a lot of coffee. I sort of live by this. Second thing you should know about me is that it is my God given talent to turn a beautifully clean room into a totally disaster in less than a minute. I really don’t know how this happens, when I start sewing I have all the intentions in the world to keep everything organized. But pretty soon the floor is covered in fabric, I am covered in thread, every single sewing tool known to man is spread out on the floor. And painfully enough I somehow lose all my pins, and the only time they turn up is when you find them stuck in the bottom of your foot. And Thirdly (and what I am least proud of and really need to work on) I am not the nicest person when I am sewing, I tend to yell at my sewing machine (a lot), yell at whoever stole my scissors (the culprit usually is a bulk of fabric), and have a nervous breakdown (once or twice).

So you could see why I have driven everyone crazy…My family has just learned it is best to stay out of my way. My dad and brothers have also learned if they do come in my path they best just say “That’s a beautiful dress” and get out of there.

Hollys Wedding dress

Here is a glimpse of the wedding dress I have been working on. My father says "It's a beautiful dress”. I hope you will agree…


  1. Liz-It is for Jordans Cousin Holly, (actually jordans cousin Jeremy is marrying Holly) I think it is who you walked with at the wedding? :)

  2. i can't wait to see it!! hope you are well hannah!

  3. you really should just open an etsy or some sort of online store so your can sell your clothes!

  4. Ali- It will be up soon! I hope you are doing well too!

    Iris- I will soon!