Friday, April 8, 2011

The Bridge

I am loving Liberia and loving the work I am doing, but some days is harder than other. It can become very stressful when the internet isn’t working, you can’t get your work done in a timely manner, and you can’t speak with your family often. The power goes out, or it is just too hot to do anything. It’s hard to not have a place to just be by yourself. It can take a lot out of you.

Well yesterday was like that for me. I decided to take a break and go down by the stream to sit on the bridge for a while. The bridge alone has been such a blessing, it is given me a place to think and pray, and it seems to be 20 degrees cooler! I brought my sketch book and pens. I had every intention to sit on the bridge and just draw. Well instead God sent me such a gift.


Peter is 12 years old boy that I meet earlier. He comes to ABCU campus on Saturday for tutoring and spends a lot of time on campus throughout the week. He just came up to me on the bridge and we spent a good half an hour talking. He told me about school. Asked me if I knew Sharon…Sharon is his sponsor in the States. It was so precious, he doesn’t know what state she lives in but just figured I may know her. He loves football, basketball, fishing, his favorite subject is math. He is so full of life. I asked about his parents. He only has a mother. He is the 2nd child in a family of five and is the oldest boy. This 12 year old is the man of the house; he is the only one going to school. We took a little walk after our talk and watched the students on campus play volleyball.

It was a breath of fresh air! There is something so special about a child’s innocence that you really need to feel connected to. His world seems so small, he has never left Nimba County, but his dreams are so big. He wants to be a Doctor or Teacher, and hopes one day to go to America. We all can learn from that!

When I see these children my mind always goes to the thought of having children of my own. God has really put adoption on my heart. Can it be that my child is just beyond the campus gates? Are they already alive? Maybe Peter is friends with him or her? It is exciting to think about, I know in Gods time I will meet my child.


  1. You will make a fantastic mother when that time comes and I know any child would be lucky to have you in their life. I know each day has its ups and its down, but I know exactly what you mean about a child helping you to see the best in things. Children are such a blessing!

  2. You are getting so amazing at writing & taking pictures! I am so impressed. And this post made me cry... like cry hard during the middle of my lunch break. So hard I had to re-do my makeup before going back to work.

    I love you and miss you so much.