Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivation Monday

Here is something truly inspirational and will encourage me to look beyond my front door.

Drawn From Water is truly amazing, there mission is to rescue and provide the best possible future for children who have been deemed “mingi” and sentenced to death by their tribes. In rural Africa there are three tribes that practice what is called “mingi”, which loosely translates to mean dirty or unclean. There are many ways in which a child may become “mingi”, but once the label has been placed all children suffer the same fate, they must be killed. For example if a child top teeth grow in before there bottom they are deemed “mingi”. But now there is Draw From Water orphanage who’s mission is to take in the children who have been deemed “mingi” and to educate the tribes that these children are a blessing and not a curse. In the three tribes, which practice “mingi”, there are a total of roughly 130,000 people living in hundreds of villages spanning an area totaling hundreds of square miles. It is estimated that more than 1000 children are killed each year because they were “mingi”

Grab a box of tissues and watch this video to learn more about the organization.

"It Began with Bale" from Drawn From Water on Vimeo.

I hope this video blesses you, encourage you to look beyond your front door, and have compassion for children and humanity all over the world. Because it only took a few people to start this organization, it took only one leap of faith and took only one person to say “I think I can do this, I have a chance to make a difference, I have to try.” So whether it be small acts of kindness, helping you community or support organizations like this I hope you give it some thought. I believe it will make an even larger difference in your own life.

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