Monday, May 10, 2010

Amani Ya Juu

God has blessed me with the most unique and amazing opportunity As you may know I recently graduated with two degrees in Fashion Designs and merchandising. As of two months ago I planned on packing my bags and moving to New York City to pursue a life in the fashion industry. However, God had much different and completely amazing plans in mind for me, in just a few short weeks I will be traveling to Kenya to be a part of Amani Ya Juu. I was given the opportunity to work as a missionary in Africa where I will be teaching women how to sew. But Kenya is just the first step on my new life journey, eventually I will be moving to Liberia to be a central person in this organization. Isn’t God creative?

The organization is a sewing-marketing-training project for marginalized women in Africa. Amani aims to sow seeds of peace in the hearts of the women as they grow in community and in their faith together. Over 500 different products are made at Amani ranging from colorful women’s bags to soft toys to clothing. Amani is a self-sustaining project through the sales of products sold in Africa and by volunteers throughout the US. Each sale of a product provides marginalized women a chance to sustain a consistent income and sustains the growth and development of the centers in Africa.
Amani is based out of Kenya with sister centers in Rwanda and Burundi. They are currently opening a new center in Liberia and that’s where I come in. They need someone to spearhead the project who has patternmaking and tailoring skills. When I was first told this I thought, “No way will I be able to do this, I am not skilled enough!” But God has really shown me that this is where he is placing me, and that I can in fact be the person need and make a difference in these women’s lifes (with His help that is).

Things are moving pretty quickly now, and they want me to go to Kenya the end of this month. I will be leaving May 24th for a short 4 week trip. There I will meet all the wonderful Amani Women and will be helping redesign the 2011 collections. Once I am there we will discuss a more permanent stay in Liberia. My first trip to Kenya alone will cost around $4,000, and since this is strictly mission work, I will be funding myself completely. I need your support, either through monetary funding or prayers. I know that this is God’s plan for my life, and I am so excited to see where it goes.

I will be blogging my journey so stay tuned.

God Bless.


  1. Looks perfect! Finally back to the blog :)

  2. I am so proud of you Hannah! I expect you to keep up on the blogging whie you are gone!

  3. I'm so proud of you and happy you are back to blogging :)